Our Commitment to Our Community

Our mission is to empower authors and entrepreneurs to write books, create courses and cultivate communities that make a meaningful difference in mental health, spiritual growth, community wellness and enlightened entrepreneurship.

We do this by:

  1. Working with existing authors in the mindfulness, meditation, spiritual growth and personal growth spaces with creative content marketing campaigns designed to extend the reach and influence of your published books or portfolio. (with supplemental workbooks, bingeable audiobooks, tiny online courses, limited edition author NFT’s, private membership communities and innovative ideas for expanding your audience and extending the influence your words and work attract in the world)
  2. Inspire aspiring authors to write tiny books that make a BIG difference in the world (and in your life) If you have always want to write a non fiction book, but have simply never been able to get your ideas out of your head and onto paper or pixel, we can help! Email us (mindfulmarketplace@gmail.com) to learn more about our schedule of 30 day self publishing cohorts in 2023!
  3. Write, publish, repeat! Collaborate with our own community to write TINY books featuring big ideas that inspire, empower, uplift, educate and entertain a new generation of curious minds seeking big ideas (and experiences) We hope to publish 20 tiny books in 2023 as a community, and if you’d like to contribute, or collaborate, reach out so we can share more!

Come write with us! Teach what you know. Do what you love. Wake up the world with your work.


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