2 Quick Tips for Writing Your First Book

2 quick tips for #Authors who are writing/publishing your first book.

1. You don’t need a publisher. (you’ll make a lot less money, you’ll have a lot less control, and 99% of folks who are writing books these days, aren’t going to be traditionally published anyway)

2. Don’t worry about writing a best seller. It’s a silly metric that really doesn’t matter – it’s easily gamed by experimenting with Amazon’s algorithmic eccentricities – and in the end, for most of us – it’s merely yet another way of artificially inflating our ego.

(Hint….All those “independent publishing houses” aren’t doing anyone any favors by promising “best sellers” that get published in some weird or wonky category and prey on our collective desire to feel important or accomplished)

Instead, write a tiny book that introduces an idea, that invites an experience.

The experience that you offer your readers at the end of the book. An event, a workshop, a cause, a course, a community, an intervention – it matters not. Your tiny book introduces your words to the world. The experience you offer changes it. (and your life as well)

People are inspired by words. But we’re transformed, by experiences.

Ian Hollander

Focus on that – and the author accolades will come later. I promise.

Teach what you know. Do what you love. Wake up the world with your work. Come write with us.

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