A Tiny Book of Big Questions About Life After a Near Death Experience

21 things you’re dying to know about life AFTER my Near Death Experience – but were too afraid to ask!

We’re publishing 21 quirky questions and unusual answers about life AFTER a near death experience, and if you’ve had an NDE (or some other wild, weird or wonderful spiritually transformative experience) we’d love to write about yours!

Why life AFTER an NDE…..rather than yet another book about what happens DURING an NDE?

Good question! After interviewing over 100 people who have had life changing NDE’s and then speaking with dozens of ordinary people who have had other types of extraordinary spiritual experiences, our heads were spinning with so many of the unique flavors that an NDE and spiritually transformative experience can offer….each with it’s own particular point of view, perspective and interpretation of the experience.

But the one universal truth is this:

Almost everyone who “returned” from their NDE or woke up on the other side of the divide after a powerful and profound STE, seems to have a wider, wiser and more inclusive world view that we decided was truly the light at the end of the tunnel, and a message the rest of us truly need to hear.

So while we love reading about NDE’s (and are including a bunch in this book) we decided that we’re less interested in trying to figure out EXACTLY what happens after we die, and more interested in what happens in this life, right here and right now – after a life changing NDE. (and how the words and wisdom that emanate from this amazing experience can empower, uplift and inspire millions of people around the web….and the world)

The truth is, as a species, we need it now, more than ever before. As the late, great Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche said so well –

“The world so badly needs people to wake up. So on behalf of the universe, I’m asking you to come and do something about it”

Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche

How does opening a wide window into the magic and the mystery of a wonderful world that may await….change how you live your life, today?

If you’ve got answers – we’ve got questions!

Reach out via email (mindfulmarketplace@gmail.com) – or by text (302) 379-6669

Our mission is to write tiny books that introduce BIG ideas and make a meaningful impact in mental health, spiritual growth & community wellness.

Teach what you know. Do what you love. Wake up the world with your work. Join us!

The mood music of our lives is not best thought of a single, beautiful beat, but instead, a symphony of sounds carefully curated by the many instruments we encounter on the way. Each one plays a part in the puzzle, and the process, of becoming ourselves.


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