Our mission is not only to write books that make a meaningful difference in mental health, personal growth, spiritual development and community wellness….but also to empower and inspire authors and entrepreneurs to turn your books into a brand and your brand into a business.

With that in mind, I’m excited to announce a series of tiny courses coming in April on some of the easiest, most ethical and elegant ways to sell more books, attract an audience, cultivate a community and create more content that changes the world…and your life as an inspirational author and enlightened entrepreneur.

  1. Let Them Say it For You! How to feature your favorite 5 star Amazon reviews on your website, social media profile pages and book launch/pitch page with amazing aesthetics and super style.
  2. How to attract affiliates, attract an audience, and turn rabid readers into enthusiastic and incentivized evangelists for your books, your brand and your business. (incentivize your audience for promoting your books and your brand!)
  3. How to create a beautiful author landing page for your books using CARRD
  4. How to create a beautiful link in bio/link tree style landing pages for your book(s) and your brand (ideal for both promoting your books – and for making product recommendations to your audience)
  5. How to turn your book into an online course
  6. How to create a workbook as a supplement for your existing book(s) or as your next book (workbooks are a great way to add tons of value and utility to non fiction books for inspirational authors and can be a fantastic way to add a powerful and profitable income stream to a book or series)
  7. How to turn your book into a bingeable audio course with a private podcast, an exclusive series or listen on the go lessons
  8. Create your own membership site, author community and newsletter – a great way to generate tons of free traffic, launch a fee based private newsletter, earn easy recurring membership income from your books, and build an online asset that adds real value to your books, brand and business.
  9. Turn your books into valuable, unique digital collectables with NFTS and innovative Web3 tools and technology (ideal for special editions, membership only offers, collectible covers and more)
  10. Want to write a book but don’t think you have the time? We’ll have your next book published in 14 days, using a simple, proprietary publishing process we call “Collect, Connect and Convert.” Ideal for creating workbooks, Q and A books, prompt books, and inspirational authors with a need for speed. Get in touch to learn more!

Teach what you know. Do what you love. Wake up the world with your work. Join us.